Violinist, Sally Ann Yeh, believes in the power of music to lift the human spirit to a place where it is possible to experience more love and inner harmony.

She believes that we create our own reality through thought, feeling, belief and imagination, and that by staying in a place of higher vibration it is easier to create your dreams.

Music is the ideal medium to reach a higher place as it speaks directly to the soul.

Sally Ann developed her Wellness Concerts based on these ideas. The music becomes a sort of meditation that calls forth pictures in the mind of the listener, leading to a renewed connection with the inner self, in turn bringing a greater sense of well-being and harmony.

Sally Ann’s significant musical partners are the charismatic Canadian pianist, Tiffany Butt, with whom she has a duo, ‘Of Angels’ – together they give classical and light classical concerts as well as presenting the wellness concerts– and the accomplished Dutch guitarist, Han Jonkers, with whom she performs the rich and varied repertoire for violin and guitar.

Sally Ann is also working on a project to produce video clips to classical music along similar lines to rock music, the video being an extension of the musical interpretation, reproducing the visions in the mind of the artist. In 2014 she produced her first video clip to music by Richard Strauss.

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